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Collect - Trade - Battle - Thrive 

The Simpler the better 

Create your portfolio of NFT collectible football cards,
trade them, engage them in battles while being rewarded
based on their counterpart performances

NFFD Season 01 

NFFD is the first Web3 game created by TheFamous Labs for world Football and NFT collectible fans! 

The game runs on "Blockchain & NFT". technology. Each game card ‘the asset’ (an original digital artwork created by an artist invited and inspired by a football club or a legend player) is linked to one unique NFT on the game’s 'blockchain'.

To add a NFT collectible card in your portfolio:

Join TheFamous NFT marketplace. to buy and trade NFT cards from the NFFD game. 

From there you can connect your NFTs to the game, hold them and engage them in battles.  


This game is not built for betting or gambling (predicting sport result and placing cash wager on the outcome) 

It is just a fantasy football game for a community of fans who want to share fun moments while supporting

the teams they love. 

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Learn more with the NFFD Flightpaper 


Join the community

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About the Game

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Support your favorite team(s) and enter the game by collecting NFT card(s).


Go to TheFamous marketplace and, before the start of the season, buy a mystery box, with 2 Manager NFT cards. Each NFT is an ORIGINAL DIGITAL ARTWORK, and represent "an Active Manager asset" for the season. 

Later, when NFTs will be revealed, you can buy a NFTs traded on TheFamous second market.

2 types of Active NFT cards will be traded  per season: 

The Manager NFTs : [100] unique NFTs for each club of a league 

The Fan NFTs: Each manager (who bought a manager mystery box) can promote [12] mystery Fan boxes with 2 numbered NFTs inside, minted from original manager NFT.

From the Fan boxes sold, the manager will receive 50% of the first sale and 1% royalty on the next trades. 

Time to start to earn

When you own an Active NFTs (Manager and Fan) you can simply hold it in a portfolio to earn from a staking program based on the counterpart team performances and the number of battles won.

You can also engage NFTs in battles on the game platform during the season or create a team to battle (scholarship)  and earn in-game reward currency and points.. 

At the end of the season, the Active NFT cards will become part of the Collector NFT cards and will provide bonus to the holders during the next seasons. 

For each new season, a new set of NFT cards will be created with artists selected by the DAO. The holders of manager  NFTs will get a first priority (during a presale day) to receive a new Manager NFT card for the season. 


The Legend NFT Auctions 

NFFD is creating a limited series of Football Legend NFTs. The Collection is limited to 2000 NFTs and 1 NFT will auctioned every day (24H auction) starting from the launch of season 01. 

The Football Legend NFTs can be traded, after the initial auction, on TheFamous second market. 

These NFTs will act as Bonus NFTs for the holders, increasing the rewards for the battle winners. 

NFT Cards Battle 

Players will be able, during the season, to select NFT cards in their portfolio and engage them in battles against other players. To participate to a battle, players will use the in-game reward currency. This currency and points will be attributed after the battles and Prizes will be distributed at the end of the season to the top 100 of the battle  leaderboard. 

Battle winners, based on counterpart teams game in real competition, will receive 82% of the battle fee, losers will receive 10% and NFFD will get a 8% management fee. 


The rule is simple, register (buying a season pass) and pick a (winner) team game card from your portfolio.
If the counterpart team wins its weekend game, you continue to the next week.

You can stay with the same card or each week pick a new one.
If the counterpart team lose, you are out. You can buy 1 joker (only one) to stay in the game. The last survivors share the prize pool.

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Special NFTs from partners 

NFFD will invite artists and brands to participate to a season by creating a NFT collection accessible by the active NFT cards holders via  special giveaway.

Earnings and rewards

The  holder of an Active NFT card can receives rewards related to the counterpart performances in live competitions (i.e. World Cup, National leagues, Champions league...). 

Each competition rewards mechanics, managed in the blockchain via contracts and later validated by the DAO, will be released before the start of the competitions in the section "Competitions "


All the game NFT cards can be traded on TheFamous marketplace. 

Staking program 

Holders of season Active NFT cards can hold their NFT joining a staking program to earn yield. 


Players with season Active NFT cards can engage them in battles or can recruit a battles team to increase their rewards.


In summary the holders of the game NFT cards  can be rewarded by the trade of their NFTs  and the rewards linked to the asset counterpart performances .


About the DAO

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A collection of cars we've renovated with passion

  NFFD Decentralized Autonomous Organization 


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National competitions 

We are starting the first season with 1 national League [UK Premier League]. 

More Leagues will be introduced in season 2 and the number of Active NFTs  will be increased based on the game success. The DAO will participate to the decision about the new Leagues, the NFTs volume and the artists invited for new seasons.

More international competitions and leagues will be introduced step by step.

Stay tuned!

International competitions 

World Cup 2022 should be the first international competition introduced to the game. 

32 teams are qualified for the final tournament. The NFTs of these team should be introduced in October 2022 

with the gameplay of this specific competition. 

Confirmation and more info will be shared with the community on Discord  and Twitter 

Legend NFT auctions 

The daily auction for each Legend NFT will start with the new season and will not stop for several years ... 

Some exclusive privileges will be offered to the holders of these Legend NFT cards