Collect - Trade - Battle 

Create your portfolio of collectible football digital cards, trade them, engage them in battles while being rewarded based on their counterpart performances
KS Football Season 01 

KS Football is the first game created by KSports Lab for world Football fans! 

The game runs on the "Blockchain". Each card ‘the asset’ (an original digital artwork inspired by a club or player) is linked to one unique contract on the game’s 'Blockchain'.

To add the cards of your favorite teams or players in your portfolio:

You can buy a part of the cards going to the card tokens marketplace. You will become a 'shareholder' of this card.

From there you can engage your card tokens in battles.  


This game is not built for betting or gambling (predicting sport result and placing cash wager on the outcome)

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About the Game

Become a shareholder of your favorite cards 

buy a surprise box with a card tokens. The card is an ORIGINAL VIRTUAL ARTWORK card, "the asset" and/or go to the trading Marketplace 


Cards Trading 

Each card (the asset) is associated to a contract on the 'NEM Blockchain' with   

a number of tokens based on the card category (from Platinum to Outsider). 

Going to the game Marketplace you will be able to Buy / Sell card tokens. In other words, the card token Marketplace enables to become a shareholder of cards and increase your cards portfolio

Please note that currently you must have a crypto wallet associated with your account in order to make some of the card trades. (i.e Collectors cards)

Cards Battle 

Players will be able, during the season, to select cards in their portfolio and engage them in battles against other players cards. A number of card tokens agreed by the opponents will be the stakes of the battles. Also points will be distributed and they will enable players to unlock special rewards during the season.  


The rule is simple, register (it’s free) and pick a (winner) game card.
If the counterpart team wins its weekend game, you continue to the next week.

You can stay with the same card or pick a new one.
If the counterpart team lose, you are out. You can buy 1 joker (only one) to stay in the game. The last survivor gets the final prize.

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Special and Collectors cards  

The game will launch auctions to provide Special cards that can provide more points to battle winners, 

The Collectors cards (from previous seasons) will also provide additional points to battles winners 

Earnings and rewards

The  holder (shareholder) of a game card can receives rewards related to the counterpart performances in live competitions (i.e. World Cup, National leagues, Champions league...). 

Each competition rewards mechanics, managed in the blockchain via contracts, will be released before the start of the competitions in the section "Competitions / Rewards"

The rewards are distributed to the players who hold the tokens of the cards rewarded.  


In summary the holders of the game cards  can be rewarded by the trade of their card tokens and the rewards linked to the asset counterpart performances .


Auctions & Blockchain

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A collection of cars we've renovated with passion

   Blockchain platform introduction 

KS. Football is an interactive blockchain game with a transaction system and assets management built on the NEM blockchain which lets anyone buy digital football cards (collectible digital assets). Each card is a unique and original Virtual Artwork that represents a team or a player and it is attached to a Token Contracts on the Blockchain.

After you acquired a part of a card on the tokens Marketplace or buying a surprise box, you will hold this card in your portfolio and the tokens associated until a new trade or battle that can change the number of the card tokens you are holding

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International competitions 

World Cup 2018 was the first competition we used to test our KS. Football game in a private beta. 

32 teams were qualified for the final tournament. These teams were the first Cards available in our Auctions. 

The owners of the 4 team cards, representing the 4 teams qualified for the semi-finals of the competition, were rewarded.

The national team cards are now used in other international competitions like the  

UEFA Nations League.  

Get the detail of this Competition prizes in Game section "Competition / Rewards"

National competitions 

We are starting with the 5 leading national leagues: La LIGA (Spain), the PREMIER LEAGUE (England), the SERIE A (Italy), the BUNDESLIGA (Germany) and La Ligue 1 (France).  the team cards (original artworks from young artists) in each league can be purchased. 

More international competitions and leagues will be introduced step by step.

Stay tuned!

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