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About KSports Lab 


We have built our first game “KS Football” for the Billions of football (Soccer) fans. The game aims to provide them a full and fun experience .

KS Football relies on a unique balancing act by maintaining a solid experience for the crypto fans who can play with their favorite currencies and earn more of them while being also easy to play for the hundreds of millions Football fans, with no yet crypto, who can play and share the same experience using game credits managed on Blockchain via a stable coin.


Our vision for the game platform created special challenges for addressing the needs of the different communities of players targeted. Working on the NEM Blockchain enabled us to develop the gameplay off chain while managing on chain the assets and game transactions. We also built a strategic transactions system that lets gamers play with the major Crypto such as BTC, ETH, XEM, BNB, TRX and KSL or with Fiat using secure solutions available in 138+ countries. KS Football and the coming KS Games are definitely built for mass adoption.


Note from the founders

"We believe that the best chance of increasing adoption of cryptocurrency is fiat currency cash flow, increasing the speed and ease by which fiat currencies can be exchanged for cryptocurrency in a legally-compliant manner. We do not dispute that the end goal of cryptocurrencies is to displace the place of fiat in our lives, but we believe that achieving these goals will only be possible after the ecosystem has developed and matured. For this reason, we have partnered with a solid and independent fiat payment provider which will enable us to provide solutions in 138+ countries. We are humbled and grateful that many of our players and community members share our approach and efforts and have actively supported us during our platform development and KS Football private beta period."

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Our Team 


To build the foundations of our platform we have privileged the quality to the quantity. The 2 founders are veteran, in tech platforms development for Frederic Saurat and in Cryptocurrencies for Nick Galan. The developers team is based on persons with a solid experience to develop, maintain and grow our game platform and technologies. The combination of a highly motivated and hard-working team, with carefully-designed internal processes, has been the backbone to reach the milestones fixed to build our platform foundations. It has enabled us to comfortably and effectively adapt to differing levels of players demands from crypto fans to sports fans despite housing a team a fraction of the size of some competitors.


Much like the decentralized promise of Blockchain, we strongly believe in the power of a distributed team.

Our team is growing organically drafting talents all over the world to operate remotely while helping us to localize and promote our games. We are as distributed as we are diverse, but we are all united under the same vision.

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