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Token Sale 

The KSports Lab is creating a native token named 'KSL' Token (for Krypto Sports Lab) . 



KSL Utility Token


KSL will be the utility token at the heart of the KSports Lab ecosystem. Token holders will experience benefits across the games portfolio and are expected to also obtain benefits from future projects, products, and services, whether or not detailed within the white paper.





KSports Lab a privately held game technology company incorporated in Hong Kong and founded in 2018 operates sports games managed in the blockchain and based on the reinvention of the collectible cards experience. With its first game “KS Football”, the company has built and continue to develop Blockchain solutions for assets auction and exchange, multi currencies (crypto and fiat) payments, tokenization of game credits and unique assets and other tools which will structure the future of online games.


The whitepaper introduces the initial offering of a new utility token, "KSL", for use on KS Football and other games on the KS Game platform or on partner platforms who will use the technologies developed by KSports Lab. KSL presents a sizeable opportunity for KS Football and KS Game players and those who wish to use KSports technologies and services.

A special purpose subsidiary of KSports Lab intends to sell up to 100M KSL tokens.


The document will outline in detail why we proudly invite friends of KSports Lab who meet the qualification requirements included in the Token Purchase Agreement to purchase KSL tokens, what this entails, and how it is a natural extension of our community based on sport fans and crypto supporters. 

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