• Fred Saurat

Tutorial: How to start with KS Football (Part 1)

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

KSF is a Sport Game (on chain) to Collect - Trade - Battle

It is a game managed on blockchain but it enables players to onboard without installing any specific crypto tools. The game aims to maintain a solid experience for the crypto fans who can play with their favorite currencies and earn more of them while being also easy to play for the hundreds of millions Football fans, with no yet crypto, who can play and share the same experience using game credits.

When you have signed up, you are ready to play. The goal of the game is to create a portfolio of Football cards (original illustration created by young artists and inspired by teams or players) to both earn rewards based on the performances of the card counterparts in real leagues every weekends and to engage other players in Battles during the season.

Each card is linked to a blockchain contract and a certain number of tokens which are tradable on the game internal exchange… means you are also able to buy and sell part of cards (tokens trade) to grow your portfolio becoming a card shareholder..

Load one of your wallets and start to play

After having signed up you have 2 choices 1) you can deposit some crypto in one of your game wallets, or 2) you can use classic payment methods to buy game credits. When you are "loaded", you can start to build your cards portfolio buying cards on the auctions platform or buying card tokens on the game Marketplace.


Your portfolio will enable you to earn rewards based on the performances of the card counterparts (every week in real league games).

The game provides also prizes at the end of the season to both the league winners. (means the holders of cards that win the leagues season). and to the winner of the battles leaderboard.

Card Battle

You can get your Battle Pass and engage other players in card battles. The battles are based on the cards counterparts game results. You can learn more about the battle mode inside the game.

See you in the game!

Fred from Team KSF

KS Football is a game powered by KS Game