• Fred Saurat

Krypto Football is now in private Beta. Invitations are open.

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Finally, we are in private Beta with our invitation open for a first batch of players. It was pretty hard to arrive to this day after 4 months of developments with a small team in "Commando" mode... .

Our goal, with my partner Nick, was to explore the Blockchain, launching an original crypto game based on collectible sport cards.

We have first explored the Ethereum platforms ERC20 and 721 NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) possibilities but with the XP I accumulated building several tech platforms in the past, I quickly seen that Ethereum was not ready and too expensive (gas) to develop a serious scalable business for now. Good luck for the ones on it :-)

Also our aim was to have a Divisible NFT that enables fractional ownership of an asset. Something you can’t really do now with Ethereum (If you see the Crypto Kitty game, the cats are unique and you can sell a cat but not a part of the cat).

It is where comes the NEM Blockchain platform. Easy for developers (based on API and not specific language) and the most important is that it enables to develop off chain and on chain rules that communicate with the APIs ... In other words you don't need to put all the Game in a Dapp which, among other benefits, makes the things easier and faster for the end user.

For the ones new with the NEM Blockchain, the platform offers also the possibility to create a Namespace (it’s like a domain name) and Mosaics, under it, which are associated to tokens.

Regarding KF we have created a first batch of Assets cards with teams representing our 5 first Football (soccer) competitions (UK Premier League, Spain Liga, France Ligue 1, Italy Serie A and UEFA Nation Leagues)... more are coming. Each card is a unique work of art representing a team. (thanks to Kieran Carroll the first artist we invited).

From there we have (Tokenized) linked each asset card to a unique Nem Blockchain contract via a NEM Mosaic and a defined number of tokens attached.

All transactions in KF are managed on the NEM Blockchain… and, yes, we have created our divisible NFT :-)

As new technologies aren’t perfect, we had some difficulties pushing the NEM Blockchain platform to some of its limits with the creation and the management of the Mosaics needed for our Game Asset Cards. It looks like that, for now, there is some communication problems between the NEM API for developers and the Nano Wallets regarding the transfer of Mosaics… but thanks to the flexibility of the NEM platform, we designed our own (scalable) solution to make the things working.

For now, our KF Crypto Auction platform is open to buy asset cards and build a portfolio of asset with the goal of receiving crypto rewards. Each week the players can bid on all the game asset cards. At the end of each week (Friday 9pm - GTM+8) the highest bidders will be able to buy the asset cards with one crypto selected (XEM, BTC, ETH for now but more are coming).

To make it more fun, we have created a system that enables to take part of the auction profits to both feed the competitions prize pools and directly redistribute some crypto dividends to the asset cards owners.

We are now building the Game dashboard and some other cool/fun features. Next step will be to focus on the mobile version, the Crypto Betting environment and the asset tokens Exchange.

To request an invitation, go to Kryptofootball.com and click “enter the game”.

See you in the Game