• Fred Saurat

Krypto Football month 3

It’s now 3 months that we have launched our crypto game platform in private beta

We are continuing to progress in the development of our ecosystem focusing on Football as a sport pilot.

We are now, at 72,250+ Xem as global value of the cards in the 4 first leagues introduced in the game. It represents a 1200+ % increase from the initial value of the cards when we introduced the game. We also distributed 44,000+ Xem in rewards to players … It is just a start as we onboarded only 50 players to test the game.during the private beta.

As everyone noticed we are in a crypto bear market. We decided to use this period to develop the next game features sticking on our roadmap. We are focusing on the following directions to have a scalable MVP (minimum viable product) and open the public beta:

- Introduce more coins to play the game. Next, will be XMR and some more are in the pipe. Our goal is to enable the community behind the new coin the access our game platform.

- Introduce more leagues. The Next one is the Bundesliga, to have the top 5 European leagues in the game. And after that, a first set of players cards will come… and some cards will be distributed via an airdrop to help the players, with no yet coins, to play.

- Localize the game by adding new languages before to enable local country partners to create, manage and promote their local football league in the game.

- Provide an internal exchange to enable players to sell part of their cards via the trading of tokens.

From the start our aim was to develop a self-managed system that enables multi ownership of an asset. The NEM blockchain with its mosaics and tokens system enables us to go that way. We need to understand better their “Catapult Swap exchange technology" but we estimate that in the next 3 months we will be able to propose our exchange platform to KF players. The NEM Foundation just elected its new exc board and council, A large majority of the 9 new members know, like and support our crypto game platform. We expect a deeper collaboration with NEM in 2019.

We have opened a referral program and we invite the gamers, we accepted in the game private beta, to use it to invite their friends (Crypto & Football fans) to join the game as we are opening now the invitations to friends of friends.

I can also disclose that we will introduce some of the new cards (like player’s cards) via an airdrop which will focus on the KF gamers who participate to the referral program.

To come back to the Bear market with a personal note before to close this post. I would like to say that I’m not worried about the situation and I think that Blockchain & Cryptos are here to stay. Two reasons for my positive feeling are because they answer on one side to the millennials generation needs and negative sentiments about the banks and financial institutions and on the other side to the need created by the revolution led by the (billions) of ‘Machine intelligent” that can communicate and transact between each other.

As said recently @CZ the founder of Binance (who is one of the symbols of the new generation of entrepreneurs with a long term vision and a 'no frontier' strategy), it’s time to stay focus and build! (or, in short, it's time to “HODL & BUIDL”).

On another topic we have some early and visionary investors who want to support our platform and vision which will enable us, pretty soon, to increase our dev team. We are open to work with remote/freelance developers and if you like the crypto game ecosystem we are developing, feel free to contact us.

See you in the game