• Fred Saurat

Private beta month 7. The team continue to build the game

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

More Crypto … and Fiat

We are still in a Bear market .. but we can see some lights. Today $BTC is above 4000$ and $BNB is above 17$. We hope to see a bull market soon and we are almost ready to surf it.

After having provided the possibility to play the game with 3 initial cryptos XEM, BTC and ETH, we have added 2 more coins $XMR because we are thinking that the Monero community can be interested by our economic game and $BNB because we are totally aligned with the Binance mission and the vision of its impressive founder 'CZ' who focus on crypto mass adoption. We are on the same mission targeting the billions of Football and sport fans.

We also added the possibility to withdraw earnings in the game cryptocurrencies (not only XEM) following the feedback of the players who wanted to use the same coin to play the game and cash out the earnings.

We are now testing Tron $TRX and we are working on the integration of few more coins and their communities.

… We are ready for the Bull with our Game platform open to 8 of the major cryptos.

We are working now on a process to enable sports fans with no Crypto yet to join the game using Fiat currencies. More on that soon.

Lightning Network and Stable Coin

Following the fact that our game platform is accepting multi cryptocurrencies (the advantage to not be built on Ethereum) we are studying the Lightning networking technology as a second layers to facilitate transactions between coins when the game will be open to public and will scale. We are also studying the integration of a NEM stable coin pigged to the USD. The goal will be to link the cards value to this game stable coin which can replace the Xem coin actually used.

Mobile and Tokens Exchange

We are testing the 2 big milestones fixed for Q1, the Mobile optimized version of the game and the Card tokens exchange which will enable players to sell/buy part of their cards via their tokens.

The Alpha version of the mobile web game will be pushed live in the coming 2 weeks and we hope to have a full beta at the end of April.

The exchange meanwhile, will enable first to buy/sell card tokens at the 'market price' and to create orders. A card 'market price' is the price of a card in the Auctions. The release is expected in the second part of April. The next step will be to open custom (price) orders.

The Tokens exchange will open the door to our “Cards Battle” feature in which card holders will be able to challenge each other. More on that soon… We are expecting to launch Battle at the opening of the season 2.

We will also start, in April, to giveaway the players’ cards (20 top players from the “Ballon d’Or” list 2018). The cards (and their tokens) will be offer to the participant of the Referral program.

As you can see our March was pretty busy… On top on that

The Crypto Artist @bitart created 1 artwork about KryptoFootball … Very cool! You can see his work here

WE are discussing some top partnerships (more on that soon)

We have now 4000+ followers on our Twitter channels (@kryptofoot_game and @KSgame_app) ... Let's go to 10,000.


- Football is our sport pilot and KryptoFootball our game pilot.. The KS Game (Kryptosports Game) platform will step by step include more sports

- Players (Sports & Crypto fans) can build a portfolio of cards that they can acquire in the weekly auctions using 6 of the major Crypto (BTC, ETH, XEM XMR, BNB and TRX)

or (soon) with Fiat currencies which will enable to buy game credits and participate.

- Players can also Sell/Buy card tokens on the exchange platform to own a part of a card.

Each card can have multi owners

- Gamers get rewards each week based on the performance of the card counterparts (players or teams) in real league competitions and the % of the card tokens they hold.

More of 80% of the auctions proceed are redistributed to gamers.

- We are working on a Card battle system which will be accessible with a season battle pass.

See you in the game!