• Fred Saurat

KryptoFootball.com week 10...1000% cards value increase

We are now in week 10 after the KryptoFootball.com private beta launch.

The numbers are pretty interesting and let us have a better understanding of what can be the future for this “Invest to Earn” sport game platform.

We have now multiplied by 1000+ the initial total value of the first cards accessible in the game. We have several cards over 1000 Xem with a top card over 10,000 Xem. (initial card values were between 50 Xem to 150 Xem... 2 months ago - 1Xem is ~ 0.1$) The cards value is increasing week after week and it will be interesting to follow the evolution after we open the game to public.

We expect to have more players in the game with the coming Internal exchange as it will enable fractional ownership of the asset cards (Divisible NFT enabled by the NEM blockchain and its mosaic / tokens system).

In other words the owner of a game asset card like Paris SG (premium card with 200,000 tokens) will be able to sell part of the card tokens in the internal exchange to players who want to own a part of PSG (and the rewards will be proportionally distributed to the card owners).

Our roadmap is pretty strong. We have worked the last few weeks on the development of the game second model of auction for the special cards

We will launch the first “KF Fomo” special card auction during this month (November). You can get more information on the platform auction page and in the game FAQ.

The next blog post will be about this Special cards auction.

We have now decided to open the game to more players and we are launching this week a referral program which enables players to invite friends and earn crypto on their friends first transactions.

Next for us is to deliver a friendly mobile version of KF and the internal exchange before to see how to integrate a cool (and disruptive) crypto betting system.

At the same time, we are preparing the localization of the game in 4 first languages (Japan, Russia, Thailand, and Spanish) … And a new major football league will be added to the 4 initial leagues.

We are also building a solid admin to enable the development of the KF game in 2 ways, on one side we are integrating more tokens to play the game. Next will be Monero and more will follow. On the other side, our aim is to enable local partners to develop and promote their own local league which can be played by worldwide KF gamers. (we start to have demand from different countries :-))

Local languages, local leagues, more coins and their communities… this is how, for now, we are seeing the evolution of KF. All your suggestions are welcome ….


from KF team

see you in the game and Spray the news about KF crypto sport game while inviting your friends via the Referral program.