• Fred Saurat

KryptoFootball.com week 4... Asset cards value continue to move up.

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

We have already done 4 auction weeks; in other words, we are 1 month after the launch of our private beta. During this period, we have continued to develop our game features, i mean the foundations of our platform, while analyzing the reaction of the first small group of players invited. (we will open the Game to more players in Month 2).

We are working with the “amazing” support of the NEM Community preparing with them the localization of KF in some first languages via a bounty program.

We have now all the first existing Artwork asset cards owned by players and we can see some fun fights in some of the league auctions to buy cards from first owners. Players have started to receive rewards and some cards passed already 20X time their initial value. Not bad for a start.

We are working on the Special card auction model, a way for us to continue to explore the possibilities of the NEM blockchain. This auction model will be the opposite of the actual one for classic cards where gamers can bid during the week and the highest bid at the end of the week can buy the artwork asset card. The Special cards will propose reversed auctions where gamers will be able to buy ticket key during a short period of time and the last ticket sold and confirmed in the blockchain will win the Special card … and 50% of the auction pot.

The first Special cards will be the “Legend asset cards” with a certain former #14 of Arsenal as first Legend … The owner of this special card will see his dividends for a selected competition (e.g. Premier league) increased by 50%.... Exciting time. Stay tuned it’s coming soon.

We are also working on our Game dashboard that should go live pretty soon.

On the roadmap we have also a referral bounty program (invite friends and get a % on the first cards they buy), the internal exchange platform alike of atomic swap system and the Betting framework ….

We are also preparing a road show in different Regions and Crypto conferences to promote the game and exchange some thoughts with blockchain developers and crypto entrepreneurs.

You can join us on Telegram https://t.me/joinchat/F-YvtUsVI8GkforDCD6ACw

Twitter https://twitter.com/kryptofoot_game

A new batch of invitations is open .. make the buzz by sharing this invitation capsule https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQdN6qC1rqg

See you in the game!