• Fred Saurat

Monero, Special auction (lottery), Bundesliga, Airdrop and lot more...

Hi KF Gamers 

We arrive now to the end of 2018. The last 6 months were very intense for our small team and you can get some taste of our journey reading this KryptoFootball.com Blog. 

I want to give you some news on what's coming next on Krypto Football.  FIrst I need to say that Football is the first sport we are focusing on "Our Pilot" but later in 2019 other sports will be introduced. It is why you can also connect to our platform via KSGames.app (for Krypto Sports Games).... 

Crypto We are adding MONERO as a new coin that can be used on the platform to participate to the auctions (classic and special). I can disclose that we are working on a new batch of coins for 2019 and we are excited to see what we can do with BNB, the BInance coin as we are big supporter of Binance and CZ .The way they are moving in the space is pretty cool. KIN is also an interesting coin and community .... More about this topic in 2019. 

Special Auction  We are also working on launching, in Jan, the First SPECIAL AUCTION for a first LEGEND card  The concept is pretty simple ...and the Winner Pot should be big. You buy tickets (first time priced at 100 XEM ~$10) and we fix a first 48H countdown for the Auction/Lottery. Every time a ticket is bought, we have an increase of the time.. The last ticket bought (and validated on the NEM blockchain), when the countdown go to zero, drain the Pot (50% of ticket solds) and the Legend card with its power (increase dividend on 1 competition by 50%) and its tokens.  The auction will start with a minimum pot of 5000 xem! (means you buy a ticket at 100Xem to have a chance to win a minimum of 5000 Xem and the Legend card ....cool!)

Game Cards Early in January we are launching a new league "the Bundesliga" which will enable us to have in the game the 5 major European leagues. More national Football leagues will be added in the game in collaboration with local partners.... more about that in 2019 

The next thing for us, to give a taste of what will happen when our internal (card tokens) exchange will be on, will be to Introduce via an airdrop (free give away) a first set of top Football (Soccer) player cards. 1 player card will be offered (free) to 5 KF gamers who will get/own 20% of the card via its tokens ....More details on that later in January but I can disclose that to receive a free card you will need to have an account on KF and to have participated to the Referral program with, at least, 1 friend who have signup via your referral link. 

2019 the game will go mobile and will go big... Our Focus in Q1 2019 will be on the KF Xchange and on the release of a mobile game version .... We are starting to build a community of supporters on Twitter  (https://twitter.com/kryptofoot_game) small for now (~ 3000 followers) but it is growing fast ... Please guys make the buzz and invite your friends, fan of Football & Crypto, to join the beta. 

If you have any questions or if you want to join the team (dev, local translation, promotion ...) don't hesitate to  contact us. 

About NEM blockchain

NEM is underestimated and will be the chain to watch in 2019...

I want to finish this post with a special big thanks to the NEM community which was very helpful helping us from all parts of the world (Philippines, HK, Lat America, Middle East, Russia, Japan, Malaysia...). Thank guys for your support and I hope to continue to work with you and your (new) Foundation council in 2019.

All the KF team wish you a Happy New year !!!

Bundesliga is coming on KF