• Fred Saurat

KSFootball is launching is collectible cards marketplace inside the new season game.

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

The KSFootball game is reinventing the collectible cards experience offering football fans players to build a card portfolio with the goal to collect, trade and battle while earning rewards during the football leagues season. Each “active” game card (from the running season) has between 1M to 4M tokens attached depending of its category (from platinum to outsider). The game marketplace offers players to trade their card tokens to grow their portfolio. The players who buy a card tokens, become a 'shareholder' of this card and share the rewards linked to this card with the other token holders.

How to trade card tokens in the marketplace?

The marketplace platform is very easy to use. All the trades are based on 4 words that you need to understand “Makers”, Takers”, “Market” and “Custom”

The Makers are the ones who make offers (which are “the Orders”). They can offer to buy tokens (“A buy order”) or to sell tokens (“A sell order”). They can offer to buy or sell tokens at a Market price or at a Custom price.

A Market price is the price of a card at the start of the weekly auction. For example, if a card with 1M tokens is priced at 1000 KGB in the auction (minimum bid) and you want to buy 100,000 tokens (10%), the market price for your order will be 100 KGB.

A Custom price let you make an offer with a discount or with a premium. For example, if one of your card has a market price of 1000 KGB and you want to sell 40% of your tokens, you can choose to sell them with a 20% discount with the goal to sell them quickly. At the opposite, if you have a platinum card, you can decide to sell 20% of its tokens at a premium price.

All the offers (Market and custom) are in the Orders book. The Takers are the ones who buy the sell orders and sell to the buy orders.

Last things You can play with the filters to select a currency, a league or your cards. You can click on a card to see the data in the Buy /Sell central container and make a (Market or Custom) order. You can click an order to see the data on the buy / sell central container and buy or sell the tokens proposed.

See you in the game!