• Fred Saurat

KS Football Gameplay for the season 2019.20

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

The game use interactive collectible cards (linked to their counterpart performances) that you can add to your portfolio, trade and engage in battles to earn rewards and points for the battle season.

Last season cards

The last season cards are moved to the Collector section of their holder portfolio with the value they got at the end of the last season. The collector cards can be traded in the exchange but they are not divisible (only one owner per card). We are working on a way to give the control of the Collector cards to the owners who will demand it. (they will be able to get the NEM private key or Swap the card from NEM to an ERC token to trade the card on another marketplace).

New season cards “Se19/20”

Each new season, a new set of cards will be created and auctioned with an initial basic price. The owners of these cards will be able to trade the card tokens in the exchange. Means we are introducing divisible NFT (Card shareholders). During the season, the shareholders of the cards will receive rewards based on the % of tokens hold.

Power cards

they include top player cards from the "Ballon d'Or" list of the year and a set of Legend cards. These power cards enable holders to win battles (in case of draw) and to earn more points during the battles season. The Legend cards are very rare (you can get one only via the a special auction) and active forever ... A legend never die...


We will continue the weekly auctions.

Holders of cards will need to have a minimum of 10% of the card tokens to vote for a “Keep or Sell” answering a buy proposition at the end of the week (from the highest bidder). In other words, the holders of less than 10% of the tokens will automatically sell their tokens and get the profits (based on the % of tokens they hold).


Each “active” card (from the running season) will have between 1M to 4M tokens attached depending of its category (from platinum to outsider). During the beta, the minimum number of tokens to trade is fixed to 10,000. (we will go step by step to 1000). Players can make 'sell or buy' orders with a market price (the price of last week auction) or a custom price to offer the card tokens with a discount or premium (the value of the cards will be affected by transactions at custom prices).


Players need to have a battle pass and a minimum of 1000 tokens of a card to engage it in a battle.

1) The player can choose to engage a card in a ‘Direct battle” and the opponent will be the holder of the next game card.

You engage your Man city card in a Direct battle and Man city play Liverpool in the next Premier league game, your battle opponent will be the holder of Liverpool card.

You need to engage a number of tokens in the Battle (minimum 1000, maximum 10,000) and opponent card holder(s) need to accept the battle. (they can refuse one, after they will be automatically engaged).

After the card counterparts game, the winner get the tokens engaged and both players get points.

2) To add more fun in the game, we added an “Indirect Battle” mode.

Players can engage one of his portfolio cards in a battle and select an opponent of his choice from the same league or another league. You engage your Man city card and select FC Barcelona as opponent. In that case the battle winner will depend of the result of the 2 card counterparts’ games. If the 2 win their game, it is a draw, if Man city win and Barcelona do a draw or lose you win…etc.

The above also means that you can have one Direct battle and several Indirect battles engaged in a same week…

3) we will soon introduce the possibility to support a battle.

More detail in the game FAQ

See you in the game! be ready to Collect, Trade and Battle ,,,