• Fred Saurat

Private beta month 08. Big welcome to "KS Football", a mobile version and more...

Updated: May 25, 2019

One month more and we will be ready to jump in public beta … 9 months is a good number to release our baby…

We have renamed our Football platform “KS Football”. The game introduction is now accessible @ KSFootball.io and our telegram group @ t.me/KSFootball

It looks like the market is moving a bit. Today $BTC is above 7000$, $BNB is above 25$ and FB is announcing a coin... Bull market soon? We are now ready to surf It.

Payment and Game credits

We have a platform that enables to play with the major crypto and our Fiat payment system is ready too.

We are working on the integration of 1 or 2 more crypto in the game while being open to future opportunities like FB coin.

Our company “Ksports” Lab also created a game credit named Ksports Game Buck “KGB” - 1 KGB = 0.1 USD. The game credits are managed on the blockchain which makes them more secure and transactions more transparent. The card value is based on KGB and the rewards are also distributed in KGB. Players can convert KGB credits to other coins accepted in the game and soon they will be able to send KGB to friends in the game.

Players, i mean “World sports fans” with no yet crypto, can use Fiat to buy game credits and use them to participate to the game.

Mobile optimized version

We have launched our optimised mobile web version, which is so addictive that I play only on mobile now.

From Day 1 our aim was to provide a solution frictionless to onboard the “no crypto savvy” players, in other words the billions of football fans. Thanks to NEM blockchain flexibility, we were able to build the entire gameplay off chain while managing the assets and transactions on chain. This architecture enables us to remove all complex tools that the blockchain games, built on Ethereum, need to install as bridge to their Dapp. Just Login on mobile or desktop and play. KS Football (note that Android and IOS apps are on the roadmap too).

Card tokens exchange

The platform is here and It is a big thing as we have built our own asset tokens exchange. Later our API based system will enable card holders to trade the card tokens also on third party partners. But we wanted our own "toy" to make it cool and build it following the game spirit. The Exchange will be totally part of the game for the launch of the Public beta in June.


We are now focusing on the “Battle” product which will enable card holders to challenge each other engaging card tokens. We are expecting to launch Battle at the opening of the new season, mid of June (pre-season launch).

Cards pack

At the opening of the new season, players will be able to buy blind packs with 3 cards inside. These cards will have a certain number of tokens attached and an initial value. The cards will be added to player portfolios and each card will be linked to its counterpart team or player performances. The game players will be able to bid for them or buy/sell their tokens in the Exchange and engage them in Battle to earn tokens and points.


We have now between 5000 to 6000 followers on our Twitter channels (@KSFootball_app and @KSgame_app) ... Tell your friends about "June 15" and let's go to 100,000 together.

- Football is our sport pilot and KS Football our game pilot. The KS Game platform will step by step include more sports.

- Players (Sports & Crypto fans) can build a portfolio of cards that they can acquire in the weekly auctions using some of the major Crypto (BTC, ETH, XEM XMR, BNB, TRX) or (soon) with Fiat currencies which will enable to buy game credits and participate.

- Players can also Sell/Buy card tokens on the exchange platform to own a part of a card. Each card can have multi owners

- Gamers get rewards each week based on the performance of the card counterparts (players or teams) in real league competitions and based on the % of the card tokens they hold. More of 80% of the auctions proceed are redistributed to gamers.

- We are working on a Card battle system which will be accessible with a season battle pass.

See you in the game!