• Fred Saurat

Private beta month 6 BUIDL BUIDL BUIDL

Hi Krypto Football players

Private beta month 6. Our baby is growing up ....

As you can see we are still in Bear mode. I hope that we will switch to a Bull run in the coming months. Several factors are in green and on our side, we are working hard to be ready when the weather will change.

Our 3 main objectives to achieve the phase one of development is to have 1) our internal exchange of card Tokens, 2) an optimized mobile web version 3) our card Battle System.

Alongside of these 3 main targets we are developing several important features to make the game platform more fun.

The possibility to deposit coins (to play the game) and withdraw your earnings in the currency of your choice, feature we released this week, is one example.

As mentioned before we will introduce soon the special auction with the “Office of Legends” cards.

Our ambition is to bring the millennial generation of sport fans to crypto (in other words using our platform to contribute to the mass adoption of crypto). We totally understand that a large majority of millennials have heard about crypto but have none, as the process to buy them is still a bit complex. At the same time top crypto companies such as Binance (my favorite), Robinhood, Coinbase and KIK are developing bridges Fiat to Crypto which will facilitate the mass adoption.

We are also working in this direction to enable people (sport fans) to enter the game with fiat currencies. more to come soon....

If you like our project, bring friends on board using the referral program and support us on social media

We are also interested to have countries representatives / Local Angel supporters to “Localize” our Telegram group and twitter spreading the news on locale language. If you are interested, please contact us on our Telegram group http://t.m/KryptoFootball

See you in the game

Fred and the KSG team